Well……. I did it- finally launched my own website, with the encouragement of my girls in the Wild Sundays. It’s a pretty easy procedure, it seemed a little silly not to do it! So here we go with yet another website to keep on top of! Oy ve!!

Photo by Devon Gillot

Photo by Devon Gillot

I am happy and excited to say that the Wilds are going to record a whole new album this October with Wynn Gogol! I am really looking forward to seeing these songs take on new life through the recording project. We will probably add a little fiddle or banjo too- watch for the new album sometime next year! We will be launching an indigogo campaign as well as applying for a Canada Council Grant- my first time going through that process. Hopefully it’s not too daunting!

So September brings some fresh starts- a new album on the horizon, new songs being penned (I’m really on a roll right now), and my youngest son has just gone into kindergarten! Wow- how the time flies!

Opening for Pharis and Jason Romero