New CD!!

Happy belated Halloween and Dia de Los Muertes. We had a fun and spooky dance party at our place, complete with light-effects, smoke machine and fireworks. It’s the first year in ages that I felt like putting effort into my costume. It was a pretty fun night- and my mom had the kids!! This is me, as Freida Kahlo.

Freida Kahlo, visionary artist

Freida Kahlo, visionary artist









Very exciting news! My band has been in the studio the past couple weeks recording a new album and it is so thrilling watch it unfold and come to life. Wynn Gogol is awesome to work with- patient, complementary (but of course, ha!) and fast on his equipment. I am particularly excited about the new songs- Consequences, You Could Never Be and Long Way to Go. Maybe just because they’re new. But also I guess I feel they are representative of my evolving songwriting. And the vocal harmonies on You Could Never Be are really exciting….

La la la

La la la

Anyways, we’ve launched a crowd-funding campaign in the hopes of raising a bit of cash for the project. There’s a part of me that feels a little freaked, like “ack- I only JUST released my last album, what’s the rush???” but the rush was all me- I wanted an album that represents the Wild Sundays. I wanted the girls to feel invested in our project. Also, it will help us get gigs and festivals (hopefully). I can tell it’s going to be a great album already and feel so excited to have it underway. If you feel like checking out our campaign, there are lots of great perks (like dinner made by MOI, or a private house concert, or stay at my farm!):

So also spending some time applying to festivals and updating websites (um, obviously). Tis the season (despite summer feeling like it just happened!) I really should go out and plant the garlic…. especially during these lovely sunny days…. ok here I go…

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