CD RELEASE, at long last

Here it is, finally. Upon me. This journey, which has been so long and drawn out, is finally culminating in my album release and island tour. The great thing is, it is so worth the wait. I heard my first master this weekend and holy cow does it sound fantastic. Jack spent a ridiculous amount of hours recording and editing to get everything just right, Steve did a fabulous job on the mixes and the mastering is the icing on the cake. I’ve just sitting on the side mostly, throwing in my two cents and biting my nails as the release date creeps closer (oh yeah, and writing grants, and booking shows, and applying to festivals, and organizing rehearsals, etc etc).


So here is the list of concerts as I have them so far:


March 1- Victoria- St. Matthias Church, doors 7:30, show 8pm

March 2- Duncan- Providence Farm Chapel, doors 7pm, show 7:30pm

March 8- Deep Cove- St. John’s United Church, open stage 8pm, show 9:15pm

March 21- Nanaimo- The Vault, doors 8pm, show 9pm

March 29- Parksville- Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge, doors 7:30, show 8pm

March 30- Pender Island- Gather Teahouse, doors 6:30, show 7pm

Hopefully I will see you, dear reader, at one of these shows.


Me and Steve in SLS Studios


Maestro Daniel Lapp lays fiddle down on the title track


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