Life as a songwriter

So the other day Jack and I got interviewed for a local “what’s on” magazine. We were supposed to talk about our upcoming tour, my recent album release and the local festival we’re playing at this summer. But somehow we got swept into a detailed description of our personal-life journeys. Or maybe it was just me- I guess I needed to talk to someone and explain EVERYTHING, the whole long and sordid tale of my recently-split relationship and what’s happened to me since. The past few years have been earth-quaking, life-changing and it’s not my nature to be frugal with my honesty, especially when there’s an open and receptive ear. Andrew had a pen in his hand but he didn’t write a thing down; “That’s not for this publication” he said. But he was intrigued enough to want to write a full-length “human interest” piece on my/our story…

So now I wonder about the nature of being a public figure, especially a songwriter, whose tales and truthes are so visible/audible: do we tell EVERYONE EVERYTHING in the interest of human truth? Or do we protect those beloved people in our lives who might not want the attention, interest or judgement of strangers? Where is the line and how do we judge? Is it my duty to protect or is it other’s to prevent? I am by nature so open and honest and it just feels right to me to be so. But not everyone feels that way. Is there someway to balance the two? It’s been one of the major struggles of my life…

Still grappling.


In the meantime, I am happy to have had a wonderful CD release tour, despite the book-ending of BROKEN GUITAR (dropped onto concrete, first show) and STITCHES IN THE FINGER (kitchen knife accident, second to last show). Songs from the album have now been played on many folk DJ playlists across North America and I just had an interview for a PRX syndicated show called “Beyond a Song“. It’s been cool to see how many people have added me to their playlist in the past couple weeks.


To support my Heart is a Tower project, and create a video that might be seen and shared, I hired Arcas Media to help me make a video for the title track “Heart is a Tower”. It combines the animation made by Shawnigan Lake School students with live footage to make something compelling, expressive and that captures that mythical element.


On the set for the video

So the next major thing is that Jack and I head off to the interior for a Heartwood tour. It’s partially to promote my new album and partially to promote the new duo, which I feel super-excited about. I hope to catch you and meet you at a tour. And I promise, I’ll be honest.


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