New video! On tour!

It was great to have my new video picked up by Americana Highways and it premiered on July 6th!2929FC8A-7FEF-4C34-B007-B240F3EA8084


Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of “Heart is a Tower,” the title track of the album produced and recorded by Jack Connolly at SLS Studios, released last May. “Heart is a Tower” is Genevieve Charbonneau on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jack Connolly on electric guitar, Brian Horwitz on percussion, Alex Rempel on upright bass, Daniel Lapp on fiddle, Eli Bender on cello and Laura Carleton on b/g vocals.

The video was produced by Sam Van Hell at Arcas Media, with animation by Fernando Gio and Magnus Scott at Shawnigan Lake School, under the guidance of Tracy Lewis.  Shot in a woodland setting that lends visual support to the song, Charbonneau’s vocals blend perfectly with the acoustic interplay like the story is floating downstream on a river of hope.  Like Rapunzel in her tower, Heart is a Tower is an inspiration and a testament to the strength behind myths and narratives.

“Heart is a Tower” is a feminist look at power in relationships using a mythical allegory, particularly the Rapunzel fairy-tale. It was inspired by some personal dynamics that I was observing both in my own life and in my community of women friends. I wrote the song within an hour of its inception and found myself compelled to play it repeatedly for weeks. It seemed natural for it to become the title track of my 3rd album with its theme’s of love, relationships, family and feminism.

So Heartwood is currently on tour in the Interior of BC and it’s been a marvellous tour so far, with gorgeous drives, great audiences and perfect weather (ok, some showers, but it’s NEEDED and lovely nonetheless).

We’ve done some wine tasting (I’m doing my darndest to turn Jack into a wine-lover), nature walks and have been going for a run every day (I know, I can hardly believe it myself). It’s been a welcome little break from my regular life of kids and cooking and working. We’re working on new songs for an upcoming Heartwood EP, which has been SUPER fun…. I love working out harmonies and arrangements. So summer 2019 is so far so good.

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