Winding into Fall

So summer comes to an end, with lots of wonderful memories already simmering on the back burner. The stove pumps quart after quart of salsa out of the water bath, the deydrator spits out chewy dried apple, the home ejects bored kids back to school and the natural musican rhythm brings a turning to the autmn efforts of gathering new material for EPK’s, festival applications and gig booking.

Here is an interview that came out in Beyond a Song in August. I had a wonderful interview with Rick Reardin and it’s all here: Beyond a Song

IMG_1375Except for the odd show here and there, this fall is pretty quiet music-wise. I still feel extremely busy though- the winery  (Blue Grouse) is scheduling me a lot, I’m back to kung fu and kids are needing shuttling to and fro.


But, dear reader, the summer has thrown illumination on a certain fact. Heartwood is the way of my future I think, at least for the time being. There has been so much momentum and we are both so energized from the project. We did two wonderful shows with full band this summer and we were lucky to get live recordings from them so will be releasing a Heartwood Live album this fall. Plus we are both going to New Orleans for Folk Alliance in January!! Stay tuned for more on us at: Heartwood



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