I’m Back

After a long hiatus where I focused solely on Heartwood (and then of course covid arrived throwing everyone for a loop) I am returning with a solo single. Heartwood still has a bit on the go, but I felt the need to dig back into myself as it were. I wrote a song I am pretty proud of and I made the right decision to work with Adrian Dolan to produce it. Adrian is an accomplished musician, composer and producer and he wrote and arranged a simply gorgeous string part for the song, which is called Symphony of Sorrow (I will admit to it having been a tough few years). I can’t wait to get this song out there.

I have also started working on a trio project called Firebird with singer-songwriters Jeremy Walsh (guitar, bazouki) and Stephanie Cutler (keys). This project is a wee deviation in that it tends a bit more towards sensy-pop and less bluegrass. It’s been fun and challenging working up intricate three part harmonies. We had only had a couple shows and are working on getting all the stuff up and running to be abel to book more. And it’s been fun to work more brand-new songs with them! I have at least another two albums worth of material after these past few years!