My bands

I have a few musical projects, just so I can keep really busy.

My newest project HEARTWOOD is a duo with singer-songwriter Jack Connolly. We discovered we have an amazing vocal blend and musical chemistry and are co-producing each other’s newest albums. We take turns leading songs and back each other up with harmonies and guitars.

Jack and Genevieve- high res

My main project, and the group I perform with the most is GENEVIEVE AND THE WILD SUNDAYS. A few years ago, when I first started performing, I decided that I really wanted to fill out the sound of my songs, especially with harmonies. I asked Laura Carleton, who I had met through Lynn Weaver at Moondance Dynamic Arts, if she would sing with me because I loved our vocal blend. She adds a solid light percussion to the group. Kelly Sherwin was a natural next choice as she and I have sung together for years with the Balkan Babes, an acapella vocal ensemble singing folk music of the Balkan region. She also plays upright bass and has been playing bluegrass for years. The three of us played a couple shows as a trio but we were definitely missing an instrumentalist. When I asked my dear old friend Chandra Crowe if she would join us on mandolin I wasn’t expecting a “yes”, but was thrilled when she agreed! The Wild Sundays were born. Juno award winning Ivonne Hernandez joined in 2016 adding her amazing fiddling chops.We have played many festivals and concerts in the 5 years we have been together and we get so much joy playing and singing together.

Genevieve and the Wild Sundays- less high res

A derivative of this band is Genevieve and the Wild Sundays Trio, a trio that consists of myself, Ivonne Hernandez and Kelly Sherwin. As Laura is busy with her baby, and Chandra busy with her work, I created a trio that is more available for touring. We cover the 3 part harmonies and of course Ivonne’s instrumentals are dazzling. Wild Sunday Trio for web

I also sing in the BALKAN BABES as I mentioned above. For the past 10+ years, 9 women from Vancouver Island have been singing folk songs of the Balkan region- Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, even Georgia. We are a multi-award winning acapella ensemble and we were all drawn to the music for its haunting harmonies, tricky rhythms and beautiful melodies. Our 3rd album is due out June 2019.

Babes at VIMA 2014

I also perform solo, with acoustic guitar. I perform almost exclusively original music, since I seem to have a hard time putting aside time to learn other songs!

Genevieve CD release