Symphony of Sorrow


It’s officially released!! Symphony of Sorrow is now available on all the places. Don’t worry- it sounds more depressing than it is. Though I was devastated when I wrote it, it is actually a hopeful song about moving through greif by using music. It’s no secret that it has been a bit of a tough go for me lately. But I feel incredibly grateful to have songwriting to help me process big feelings. It’s my therapy.

See if you can identify the lyrical references to a very popular Canadian song… and let me know if you catch which song!

The song premeired on Canadian Beats on Tuesday March 14, and released to all streams on Wednesday March 15th. So far the response has been wonderful. I am so indebbted to the marvellously talented Adrian Dolan for his production, composition and playing talents, to Scott White for his wonderful bass playing and to Duncan Ferguson at The Voltage Exchange for mastering. And to Jack Connolly, for, well, everything else I guess. ❤

Symphony of Sorrow Lyrics

The music bound us like a thread

Weaving words between our heads

We spun a tale, a golden sunlit story

And yet we falter soft as snow

Candles snubbed and faded glow

The winter calls our bluff and ends the glory

I tried to give you heart and home

I didn’t mean to break your throne

I know you didn’t mean to fracture mine

But what good man who gives up all

Could handle such a fatal fall

When broken by the twists and turns of time

I…. will find the melody

I…. will find the rhyme

This baffled queen

has never been

Laid so low

All i can do

Is offer you

My symphony of sorrow

And though I tried to tell my truth

It rarely did align with you

Beyond the solace of the stage or bed

I remember when you moved in me

The howling wolves who set us free

And stars that all exploded in my head

Don’t know how we could be saved

We’re up against the demons and the plagues

A love so strong a love so great

Was not enough to see us through the gate

When i am lost in borderland

I fumble for your missing hand

And wonder where the words have all departed

I think about the bitter trade

I’m longing for my missing braid

The tower where this whole damn thing started

So in the light of this lonely moon

I lift a pen and craft a tune

And sing out all the sorrows of my heart

The 4th and 5th the rise and fall

Echo in the funeral hall

A requiem for dreams torn apart


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